Postcards from South Cotabato #2
The Majestic Mt. Matutum
The majestic Mt. Matutum - South Cotabato's most imposing landmark.
Stands at a towering height of 2,286 meters above sea level, Mt. Matutum is a dormant symmetrical stratovolcano located in South Cotabato, northwest of Sarangani Bay and 30 kilometers north-northwest of General Santos City. Mt. Matutum has become South Cotabato's most imposing landmark. It has a well-preserved summit cone and  a vegetated 120 meters deep summit crater and has become a favorite hiking destination. 

Mt. Matutum is also home to the national bird the Philippine Eagle and the renowned Philippine Tarsier - the world's smallest primate. At the base of Mt. Matutum is the vast pineapple plantations of Dolefil (Dole Philippines, Inc.) which spans more than 12,000 hectares.

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