Green Valley College introduces 2011 Scholarships

The Green Valley College introduces its enhanced scholarship and aid programs for June 2011. Launched as ISKOLAR+, the program aims to provide more opportunities for the youth and graduating high school students to be part of the first institution-wide ISO certified educational institution in South Cotabato.

The ISKOLAR+ Program has been expanded to cover grants and incentives to young leaders, "beauty" kings and queens, sportmen/athletes, talented youth/artists, One Young Mindanao graduates, academic achievers, and service representatives (working students).

The School President Engr. Romeo Sustiguer explains, "The Iskolar+ program is the institution's way of giving back to the community which have been instrumental to our growth and is also part of our commitment as socially responsible organization."

The program will be launched this February 11, 2011 at the Fitmart Mall of Marbel 1PM as part of the launching for the Green Valley High School for the Arts.

To know more details about the ISKOLAR+, you may click here.

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  1. The use of "Aids" in the poster is not correct. Aid is a common noun which means assistance and there is no "S" in it. Otherwise, you refer to the syndrome.

  2. Wow galing ng alma mater ko, more power GVC! Moving ahead, ahead talaga!

  3. Thanks Atty! Corrections have made. :)


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