South Cotabato Governor bans use of facebook by capitol employees

Governor Arthur Y. Pingoy Jr. bans the use of facebook and other networking sites by capitol employees during office hours.

Pingoy said it is proper to restrict employees to these sites since it can hamper productivity at work and can also slow down the efficacy of the province’s server.

“While we allow employees to have access to the internet, we also see to it that these are related to work,” he said.

Since the province goes online couple of years ago, most of the employees enjoy the use of the internet for free and are hooked to facebook instead of the now unpopular Friendster.

“Other employees might not be happy with this development, but this can spell improvement on the province’s Local Area Network,” he said.

Aside from facebook, other banned sites include YouTube, online games and other sites which are not work-related.

“These sites are also addictive, I can see employees hooked to facebook throughout the day and they are always online,” he said.

Meanwhile, the province’s Information Technology Unit vows to ban other sites that has bulk users in the future.

Pingoy on the other hand, disclosed that the provincial government is also trying to adapt with the times since all transactions are computerized including the tracking system of documents, daily time records, budget monitoring system and the Local Area Networking.

Even the payment and monitoring of the Real Property Taxes are being computerized.

The province is also looking forward for the computerization of the procurement system of the province within this year.

“While we enjoy this technology, we must use it judiciously, otherwise, we will jeopardize services for our constituents,” Pingoy said. (PIO South Cotabato)


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  1. Susan Bona-KerkadiJun 11, 2011, 10:22:00 PM

      I agree with the governor.. Personal activities like these should not be done during office hours. Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's = for the good of the province and for the good of everyone.

  2. It's nice to hear about it because through this policy government employees in the Capitol of South Cotabato will do their work effective and efficient using new technologies while they are banned from browsing facebook and other networking sites, but it's hard to implement it since there's a lot of third party softwares that will allow to bypass firewalls and restrictions to browse websites on the internet freely...

  3. tama lang gid na.. wala na sila sina ga.trabaho.. pag.pungko sa ila
    desk, mag.pgwapa/gwapo anay.. then, FB n dayon.. magkatpos FB, merienda
    nmn sang pila ka oras.. after merienda, lunch break na.. ti, pwerti k
    productive eh..

  4. I think this is a great move because employees are being paid to WORK & not to use up the company's time chittychatting with friends. Employees can do that on their OWN time at their own expense.


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