SOCOTECO-1 Brownout Schedule: March 25, 2012 Power Interruption

Tomorrow's brownout schedule as announced by SOCOTECO-1 (South Cotabato Electric Cooperative-1) is posted below.
Notice of Power Interruption for March 25, 2012, 6:00am-6:00pm

Affected areas:

Feeder 21
Brgys. Dajay, Moloy, Duengas & Talahik of Surallah, Municipality of Sto. Niño Covering Brgys. of Sto. Niño Poblacion, Ambalgan, Teresita, Cajanedo, Sajaneba, Bo. San Isidro, Bo. Katipunan and Sitio Cocjin of Banga.Sto.Nino Ricemill, Gedorio Ricemill, Aliperio Ricemill, Matinong Ricemill, Ignes Ricemill, SUNAS.

Feeder 22
Surallah Poblacion, Solivio Ricemill, Villanueva Plains, Agan Homes Surallah, Surallah Municipal Hall, Valdevieso Ricemill, Diente Ricemill and portion of Banga covering: Brgys.Liwanay, Cinco, Kusan, Cabuling, San Jose & portion Brgy. Lamba.

Feeder 23
T’boli Poblacion, Brgys Veterans, Edwards, Sinolon New Dumangas, Laconon, Kematu, Desawo, Afus.Portion of Surallah covering Brgy Centrala, Naci, Lambontong, Lamsugod, Tubi-Ala, BuenavistaAMS Corporation, Upland Banana Corporation. Portion of Banga covering Brgys. Matlong, Derilon, Lam Apus, Lambingi, Lampari.Portion of Lake Sebu covering Bgry. Maculan, Halilan & Denlag.

Feeder 24

Feeder 25
Portion of Surallah covering Portion of Dajay, Brgy. Colongolo, Little Baguio. Daraug Ricemill & Slaughter House.Municipality of Lake Sebu covering Brgy. of Talisay, Canahay, Bleboy, Hanoon, Luhib, Lamsupo, Bacdulong, Lamfugon, Lamcade, Klubi, Lamlahak & Tasiman,Sta. Cruz Mission.

Outage time may change without prior notice. SOCOTECO-I will exert effort to restore power as early as possible.

Check this site regularly for updates and changes on brownout schedules within South Cotabato.

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