List of Persons who filed their Certificate of Candidacy for different elective positions in South Cotabato

In connection with the May 2013 midterm elections, here is the list of persons who filed their Certificates of Candidacy (CoC) for governor, vice governor, representatives and sangguniang panlalawigan members in the province of South Cotabato.


Daisy Avance Fuentes (LP - NPC)
Arthur Y. Pingoy, Jr. (UNA)
Fernando Q. Miguel (Independent)

Vice Governor: 

Ernesto Catedral (LP - NPC)
Cecile Diel  (UNA)


1st District: 
Pedro Acharon Jr. (AIM)
Rogelio Pacquiao  (UNA - PCM)

2nd District: 
Ferdinand Hernandez (LP - NPC)
Elmo Tolosa  (UNA)

Board Members:

1st District:
Eduardo Pescadero (LP - NPC)
Romeo Tamayo (LP - NPC)
Glezel Mariano-Trabado (LP - NPC)
Clemente Tubo  (UNA)
Gerardo Barrientos  (UNA)
Jobelyn Baitus  (UNA)

2nd District:
Agustin Demaala (LP - NPC)
Vicente De Jesus (LP - NPC)
Dandanilo Dar (LP - NPC)
Noel Garovillo (LP - NPC)
Jose Ledda Jr. (LP - NPC)
Romar Olivares (LP - NPC)
Ellen Grace Subere-Albios (LP - NPC)
Samuel Ladot  (UNA)
Erwin Luntao  (UNA)
Ester Marin Catorce  (UNA)
Phinney Araquil  (UNA)
Eduardo Siason  (UNA)
Romulo Solivio  (UNA)
Edmund Ugal  (UNA)

The period of filing of CoCs started last Monday October 1 and ended yesterday October 5, 2012. According to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), the official list of candidates for different elective positions in South Cotabato will be released in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the last day for local voters to file applications for registration, transfer of records, reactivation and correction of entries; deadline for overseas Filipinos to file applications for registration or certification as overseas voters will be on October 31, 2012.

Campaign period for candidates for senators and party-list groups will start from February 12 until May 11, 2013 and from March 29, 2013 until May 11, 2013 for the candidates for House of Representatives, provincial and other elective local officials.

*NOTE: List is incomplete and will be updated soon.


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  1. magandang labanan to. . . governorship. . . and 2nd district representative. . .

  2. VOTE STRAIGHT LP-NPC Party! didto na kita sa subok na nga masaligan kag wala sang ginatago.. Fuentes para governor sang South Cotabato!

  3. the real south cotabatenoOct 8, 2012, 12:27:00 PM

    hinay hinay lang bawal pa mangampanya diba?

  4. tani indi lang diri maghambal sang mga malain nga tinaga regardless kung sin o gusto nyo nga kandidato... aton ini diri lugar para makita man ang katahom sang aton lugar. may ara gid guro na venue para dira... gapangabay lang ako para nami man isipon nga ang mga tao sa south cotabato matured na. salamat gid. kung may ara kamo nabal an nga kaayuhan kag katahom sa aton palibot, mas maayo nga ibutang ta ina diri. though ginarespeto gid ang inyo opinion pero para tawhay lang tani ang tanan... sa liwat salamat gid. God bless us, God bless South Cotabato..


  6. tama gid., Let Us Do Good for our beloved Province! What matters most is the result of what we our doing. =)

  7. tama ina...regardless kon sin-o man kandidato ta, after the election we should unite to see that our place will move forward in the right direction...what we need is constructive critism...bisan ang magdaug ang preference naton...paano nila mabalan nga may buling sa agtang nila kon indi naton ihambal...

  8. know what...amo ini nga fights sa aton nga pinakamaayo..this is it...I've been waiting for this moment...of course, ang akon nga manok wala sang lain kundi si......clue - related ina sa akon nga pangalan...your guess is as good as mine.


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