Trivia: Most Spoken Dialect in South Cotabato

Most Spoken Dialect in South Cotabato

South Cotabato is a melting pot of people coming from different regions and tribes. There are over 20 different dialects spoken in the province and most of the South Cotabateños are multilingual, able to communicate in Hiligaynon and/or Cebuano, as well as in both Tagalog and English. Other languages spoken are Ilocano and Maguindanao. The indigenous tribes like the T'boli's and B'laan, in addition, use their own tribal dialects.

Based on reports from the NSO, Hiligaynon tops the list as the most spoken dialect in South Cotabato, being the mother tongue of 52.4% of the household. Cebuano ranks second, and T'boli third.

Hiligaynon                52.4%
Cebuano                   14.2%
T’boli                       15.6%
Ilocano                      4.6%
Maguindanaoan       3.6%
Karay-a                     1.6%
Tagalog                     1.5%

Ilonggos from Panay and Negros in the Visayas settled in the municipalities of Norala, Banga, Surallah, Sto. Niño and the City of Koronadal. On the other hand, people from the Ilocano speaking regions of Luzon settled in Tampakan, Tantangan and Tupi, and the Ilocano language may still be heard spoken in these towns. The Visayan language, Cebuano is also the main dialect in the municipalities of Polomolok and Tupi (along with Ilonggo and Tagalog). Both towns are near to Cebuano-speaking General Santos City.

The Maguindanao tribe is the major Muslim Filipino tribe in South Cotabato. Other tribes are the T'boli and B'laan tribes in the municipalities of Lake Sebu and T'boli .
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