Lake Holon, the Crown Jewel of the South re-opens

Closed to tourists for nearly eight (8) months, Lake Holon, one of SOCCSKSARGEN's premier destinations, has re-opened.

On March 13, 2015 more than 200 individuals joined the Pilgrimage to Lake Holon which is one of the highlights of this year's Seslong Festival of the Municipality of Tboli. Participants were composed of tourism stakeholders, mountaineers and enthusiasts coming from different parts of the region. There were also guests who came all the way from Manila, Visayas and other places in Mindanao- all eager to see the beauty of Lake Holon and experience nature, adventure and culture in one.
Lake Holon, a favorite camping destination. It can be reached through 2-3 hours of trekking from the receiving center in Brgy. Salacafe.
Lake Holon was closed in June last year for rehabilitation, improvements in the area and to prepare the community for possible influx of tourists.

Dubbed as the "Crown Jewel of the South", Lake Holon is the crater lake of Mt. Melibingoy, an active volcano. The lake has been named as one of the cleanest inland body of water in the country.

Check out the following pictures taken during the Pilgrimage to Holon from March 13-14, this year.
The event started at the Lake Holon Receiving Center in Brgy. Salacafe where a short program to welcome and orient the participants was held.
Residents of Brgy. Salacafe welcomed participants with their music and dances.
Participants of the Pilgrimage to Holon also had the chance to learn Tboli dances.
Participants were able to hear stories and myths about the lake and sorrounding mountains through trained residents which serves as guides.
A resident showing off his freshly caught Tilapia at Lake Holon.
Climbers to Lake Holon should not worry on what food to bring, there are locals selling freshly caught tilapia from the lake or one can go fishing.

Kayaking is just one of the activities to enjoy in Lake Holon.
Come night time participants were gathered on a bonfire to hear stories and myths that surrounds the lake.  The storyteller, an elder of the tribe tells the stories in Tboli dialect which is then translated by an interpreter.

Foggy morning in Lake Holon.

Campers enjoying the cold crystal-clear waters of Lake Holon.
Relaxing fish spa at Lake Holon.
MORE pictures of Lake Holon


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  1. I'm from T'boli, yet I am still a tourist in my hometown especially that I've never been to Lake Holon ever since. :)


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