Tnalak Festival 2016, South Cotabato's Golden Year celebration

Preparations for this year's biggest celebration in South Cotabato - the T'nalak Festival 2016 and 50th Foundation Anniversary of the province happening this July have begun.

The T'nalak Festival Executive Committee has recently conducted their first EXECOM Meeting as well as released on social media the following poster.. could this be this year's T'nalak Festival logo?
T'nalak Festival 2016, South Cotabato's Golden Year celebration

The official page of Tnalak Festival on Facebook have also started posting updates about the highly anticipated week-long celebration including the following teaser video:

See you at T'nalak Festival 2016 - The Golden Year Celebration! Join us this July in the province of South Cotabato, a cultural paradise renowned as the Land of the Dreamweavers, as we celebrate our 50th Foundation Anniversary while championing our ultimate cultural emblem - the T'nalak weaving. With the theme, "Sharing our Best with the World!" we look forward to showcasing one of the biggest, brightest and most colorful events on this side of the Fiesta Islands! T'nalak Festival 2016 Beckons! #TakeMeToTnalakFestival #LandoftheDreamweavers
Posted by T'nalak Festival on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tnalak Festival 2016, South Cotabato's golden year celebration is happening from July 10-18.

So mark your calendars and plan your trip now to South Cotabato for this year's biggest and most colorful event in the province.

The festival is named after the province's cultural emblem - the T'nalak, a traditional cloth made from abaca fibers artistically hand-woven by women of the Tboli tribe.

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