Construction of bridge connecting Barangay San Jose and Liberty in Norala nears completion

Photo courtesy of Provincial Information Office

The construction of a bridge connecting Barangay San Jose and Liberty in Municipality of Norala is currently underway, with a substantial funding of P5.8 million allocated for this essential infrastructure project. The progress stands at an impressive 76.92%.

This project's prioritization aligns with the vision of Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo, Jr., who emphasizes the need to expedite the improvement of various infrastructure projects within the province. The goal is to ensure that residents, particularly students who commute long distances for their education and those engaged in the transportation of goods, encounter minimal hindrances.

Governor Tamayo underscores that maintaining robust and well-constructed bridges is crucial in enhancing the efficiency of government service delivery. The governor's visits to all 199 barangays in the province demonstrate his commitment to understanding the genuine concerns and challenges faced by the residents. Through these actions, he aims to address these issues comprehensively, fostering progress across all sectors during his term.

Residents are grateful to Governor Tamayo and the provincial government of South Cotabato because their daily lives have significantly improved, particularly in this part of the province, where farming is the primary source of livelihood.

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