Nanardxz' TOP 10 Emerging and Influential Blogs for 2010

An influential blogger is simply someone who can inspire and motivate others. Someone who can make you reach your goals, someone who can make you pursue the things you want to do, and someone who can keep you moving forward with aplomb and grace of a running deer in the prairie.

Here's Nanardxz' Top 10 Emerging and Influential Blogs for 2010.

1. Ganda Ever So Much - Inspiring and motivating, two words best describes Sir Orman Manansala's, just enough to put him on top of my list. Over sa galing ang mga post nya.. ^^

2. Alexis Chua - get useful tips on tech and gadgets as well as latest trends on the web. Kahit na minsan di mo na naiintindihan babasa at magbabasa ka pa rin sa blog na 'to.

3. Ako si Rabsky - student blogger Ravi Villanueva tackles just about anything on his blog. From his life as a student hanggang sa baha sa kanilang bahay, magkekwento siya para sayo.

4. SCT Online Mag - get news and information about latest happenings around South Cotabato, thanks to newbie Nanardxz Navarro, well that's me. ^^

A Scientist in the Kitchen - from simple to not-so-simple dishes, been reading this blog and got useful tips on kitchen matters.

5. Gagong Kasabihan - i so love this blog, i have been a subscriber even before i started writing my own. No boring moments when i start my day with a gagong kasabihan line and shared it right away with friends.

6. Kusina Maria  - another food blog, at sinong nagsabing ayaw ko ng foods?, photos palang pagkain na.

7. South-Style Ilonggo - ako si Nanardxz, ilonggo, at nagba-blog na rin.

8. JR Lopez Gonzales - a college instructor in Iligan City , currently studying law at MSU- Iligan tackles social issues on his personal weblog. 

9. Kikay Much - Donna Mae Congson shares her knowledge about staying beautiful, looking beautiful and making other beautiful with her tips and advices on fashion, hair, nails, etc. I guess making everyone (lalaki man o babae) "maganda" is Donna Mae's main goal.

10. Gensan Gems - another Sox blogger, a scientist actually, and author of the other blog i love - A SCIENTIST IN THE KITCHEN deserve a slot on this list.  Ang mga larawan sa blog na 'to ang magkekwento sa'yo.

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