Pro-active on Climate-change Leaders

Pro-active on Climate-change Leaders or PCL is an organization of professionals, workers, farmers, student-youth, and other ordinary citizens from all walks of life who have decided to band and work together in order to take a more active hand in mitigating and even reversing the deleterious effects of climate change and global warming.

More than a decade ago, "desert storm" was the subject of discourse as a result of the ongoing Iraqi war. During those times another "storm" was the favorite topic of a group of professionals who shared a common concern on the effects of unpredictable and devastating storms and typhoons that wrought havoc to various parts of the Philippines. These professionals discussed the impact of the unpredictable weather conditions and changing length of seasons. Such was their concern, if not fear, that they started asking themselves what they can do.

Since the initial "over a cup of coffee" discussions on the effects of climate change, these leaders continued their research and education on the growing knowledge about the topic and gradually realized that their concerns and apprehensions were shared by their own families, friends and colleagues, and other stakeholders. An organizational develoment effort was undertaken to broaden community participation and gradually city, provincial and regional groups were established even as the national government started to take cognizance of the problem and proceeded to initiate moves to address it.

Realizing the magnitude of the task at hand and fully acknowledging the indispensable roles of government as well as the global community, PCL decided to participate in the 2010 party list elections to further expand and enhance its empowerment, access to resources, and capability to implement, enforce and supplement programs and activities that are deemed necessary for its advocacies.
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