DJ MacDonald : A Tale of a Malipayon Warrior

DJ Macdonald is the main character and the title of a book written by Canada-based and true-blooded South Cotabateña Corie Laraya-Coutts.

The book is about a normal high school student in Guelph, Ontario. Like many fourteen-year-old Canadian boys, DJ’s life revolves around hockey, but he is not as normal as he appears. Tormented by vivid visions of strange creatures, and haunted by apparitions from another world, DJ leaves for a family reunion in the Philippines.

When DJ returns to his roots, he and his cousin Hans discover a seashell shaped like a crown near the dock. Just as Hans holds the shell over DJ’s head in a mock crowning ceremony, a bright light from the moon zaps the two boys. Suddenly, DJ and Hans are mysteriously transported to the bottom of the ocean in an air bubble where they come face-to-face with monstrous sea ogres. It is only after returning to the safety of the dock that DJ learns of a family secret. As DJ leads a Malipayon warrior mission to rescue a dying prisoner held captive somewhere in the deepest ocean chasm, only time will tell if faith, honor, and magic spells will be enough to overcome the evil that lurks beneath the sea.

About the Author

Corie Laraya-Coutts (a.k.a. Corazon) was born on June 5, 1964, in Norala, South Cotabato, Philippines. The eldest of twelve children, she was an undergraduate in Sociology at Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines and also received a diploma in Child Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania through their distance education program.

She worked as a nanny and caregiver in Kuwait, Egypt, and Hong Kong before immigrating to Canada in 1996.

Now an entrepreneur, who loves sports particularly golf, hockey, and softball, she lives with her husband, Rod, and their pets in Orton, Ontario, Canada.

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