The T'nalak Festival

Get ready for the most exciting, popular and colorful festivals celebrated in South Cotabato- The T'nalak Festival 2010.
On Video: T'nalak Festival Parade- (Madal Be'lan, Kasadyahan sa Kapatagan, Kadsagan A Lalan) by elzrgarcia

The Grand T'nalak Parade, vibrant and truly South CotabateƱo in style.
Streets are come alive to the rousing "T'nalak Beat, with more than thousand of energetic street dancers performing choreographed and time honored movements and decked-out in colorful costumes.

The T'nalak festival is celebrated during the foundation anniversary of the province of South Cotabato, and is held in the month of July in the provincial capital of Koronadal City. Colorful street dancing competition offers unique entertainment. Dancers from around the province, dressed in native costumes of B'laan, T'boli and other tribal groups in Mindanao, are performing on the streets of the city.

These competitions shows the rich and colorful heritage of the several minorities in this area and are just some of the activities to see in this event. They are also the spectacular highlights of the festival. The T'nalak parade is a perfomance that is a feast for the eyes, together with the sound of a pretty impressive tune that will keep you standing on your toes for a long time. The T'nalak festival puts together all the historical and spiritual culture of South Cotabato. It is a great event to see and a great way to see the Mindanao culture in action.. A visual expericience you will not want to miss, you can feel the unifying power of this celebration and the irrepressibly festive spirit of the participants and spectators.

More activities organised for the T'nalak festivities include cultural shows an agri-trade fair, bazaars, visits to various tourism attractions in the province. Concerts by local and national performers and a breath-taking fireworks display competition. with plenty in store to keep visitors entertained.(

Plan a visit now to South Cotabato, and get ready to experience T'nalak Festival 2010. Coming this July.


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