Linan – Newest Tourist Destination in South Cotabato

With its abundant historical, cultural and natural resources, Barangay Linan in the municipality of Tupi may soon become as the province’s newest tourist destination after the pristine Lake Sebu, which is dubbed as the summer and tilapia capital of South Cotabato.

Senior Tourism Operations Officer Cesar Sulit Jr. disclosed in his tourism development plan that Barangay Linan, which is only about 4 to 5 kilometers away from poblacion Tupi, possessed potential resources for tourism such as its rich historical and cultural heritage and natural attractions.

“We have identified potential attractions in Barangay Linan in Tupi and these include its wildlife and forest park, Bailinan River, pineapple plantations and orchards, its eleven waterfalls, caves, springs, Pilgrim Hill, and cultural assets,” Sulit stressed.

“Of the potential tourist attractions, we consider wildlife tourism as the banner site of the community,” Sulit added.

The Philippine tarsier dubbed as the smallest primate or monkey in the world and famous in Bohol province can be found in Barangay Linan and breeds naturally.

B’laan natives call it “tukay mal” (small monkey), but there are other sightings from natives who confessed seeing a “bong mal” or a bigger monkey similar to the tarsier roaming within the area.

“Part of the province’s tourism development programs and projects for Linan include site development, bio-diversity preservation and wildlife protection, cultural asset revaluing and promotion, marketing and promotion and monitoring and evaluation,” Sulit further added.

For extreme sports enthusiasts, Linan can provide rock climbing, mountain biking and mountain-climbing, and other family outdoor activities such as swimming, camping, picnicking, among others.(


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