Tampakan town celebrates Lam-Alay Festival, founding anniversary

The Local Government of Tampakan together with the Municipal Tourism Council is busy preparing for its forthcoming 41st Foundation Anniversary and the 7th Lam-Alay Festival 2010. This was revealed by Tampakan acting municipal Mayor Pedro A. Cagas in a press conference called for just recently.

The three days celebration were lined up with different activities and programs and will open on the night of June 17, 2010, with the Nights of the Champions as its opening salvo. Different champions from Tampakan in the different fields of endeavor in arts, culture and other will be showcased.

The programs and activities include diana; civic parade; agri-trade and display of locally-produced goods, food and beverages and jobs fair; sports, first aide and field demonstration competitions; ecumenical and thanksgiving mass; eco-challenge; variety show; SMI day; kantahan sa bayan; launching of Mobile Community Information Resource Center; inter-LGU Sportfest; media tour to different local tourist destination in the municipality and the most awaited highlights of the celebration, the Search for Mutya ng Tampakan.

Acting Mayor Pedro Cagas said that the local government is now busy preparing with the help of different organizations, committees and agency's involve in the preparation for the successful celebration of Lum-Alay Festival and Foundation Anniversary.
The amount of P1.5 million was appropriated by the municipal government for the activities that would make the festivities more meaningful and successful.
The good mayor also expressed great appreciation thanks for the presence of the media. He also urged them to help in the information and dissemination of the development and progress of the locality as they invite the general public to visit and see Tampakan in its anniversary celebration on June 17-21, 2010.

Meanwhile, Tampakan Police chief P/SInsp. Virgilio E. Carreon assured the public that they will provide security and maintain peace and order during the duration of the programs and that their office has already prepared a contingency and security plan with the help of friendly forces such as army, tanods and Cafgu's and other organizations.
Tampakan, as one of the rich municipalities in South Cotabato has been endowed with natural beauty- the vast expanse of fertile lands abounding mountains that contributes in making us the "Fruit-Fiber and Corn Producer."

Tampakan was once a barangay of Tupi, South Cotabato. It was a forested area opened through the administration of and facilities of National Land Settlement Administration (NLSA) in 1940.
In 1964, Tampakan was created into municipality through the infamous proclamation of the administration of Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal.

Tampakan's creation into municipality was repelled and was forwarded to the Philippine Legislative branch for legislation. Awaiting the approval of the Philippine Legislative branch, Tampakan was reverted into barangay.
On June 21, 1969 Republic Act No. 5661 was approved in the House of Senate and Representative creating the municipality of Tampakan.

Within 41 years Tampakan has accelerated its development bringing to fore various projects and services beneficial and contributory to propelling socio-economic dynamism among it people. Development effort for the past 41 years yielded the entry of major companies on mining industry, papaya, pineapple and banana plantations and others. The presence of companies are creating more jobs and surging its local employment and improve the way of living of the local populace. (aca/PIA12)


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