Ebe Dancel Mall Show at KCC Mall of Gensan

EBE DANCEL: A legend, the Genius!

He went solo but he was actually not alone at all.

Generals! Sing your hearts out as KCC Mall of Gensan brings you Ebe Dancel on August 24, 2011 at KCC Convention and Events Center, 6pm.

A musical stalwart, Ebe Dancel was the former front man of the famed band Sugarfree. Not a few had known that this genius was also a former member of the band Cambio. He is often tapped to make music for various artists and even had collaborations with popular rock musicians.

Going solo, Ebe launches its first solo album "Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig". This time, he went technical and different than the style he used to incorporate with his former band. The said album has 10 originally-composed songs by himself. It comes in double-disc; one is a full-band version and the other one is an acoustic version.

Ebe Dancel is legendary, a genius and he's worth to be seen and heard. Get your hearts captured.

Shop now! Exchange your proof of purchase from KCC Department Store and avail of free tickets pass.

Everything's here at KCC, for you and your family!


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