In Pictures: The Surallah Rotunda

A night view of the rotunda in Surallah by Clien Tolentino of DPI Prints Solutions Surallah
At the center of the now cultural landmark- the Surallah rotunda is a towering , 60-feet high obelisk-like 2-string lute called  he’galong by the T’bolis. The he’galong seemingly grows from the core of a huge bulb plant bohung with leaves spreading out in radial fashion. Around are the giant drum called T’nonggong , life-size sculptures of the tri-people of Surallah,  dancing and smiling and playing musical instruments, while others with  their fresh harvest of grains, fruits and vegetables.  The entire masterpiece at the rotunda in Surallah is called “Strings of Life” by its builder Kublai Ponce Millan. It was unveiled last March 15, 2011. 


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  1. nice shot! mas maganda pala pag gabi litaw talaga ang ganda ng roundall...


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