Taga- South Cotabato Ka Kung? Contest Winners

Here are the winners of  Taga- South Cotabato Ka Kung ? Blog Contest announced last week.

Via Random.Org here are the names that will recieve one (1) I LOVE SOUTH COTABATO T-shirt each from South Cotabato Tambayan:

#2       Jean Cachuela
#7        Raiza Esimos Boldios
#11      Janine Pring (JanineXD)
#12      Chard Magan
#14      Remegio Rojas

The following will also receive P 50.00 cellphone load each:

#1        Arze Arce
#3       Jean Pudadera
#5        Dapzt
#7        Raiza Esimos Boldios
#9       Chyl Ale Ganja
#12      Chard Magan
#15      Yazkie
#18     Jing

To claim your prize you must be a subscriber of this blog SOUTH COTABATO NEWS ONLINE and then send an email with your contact infos to nanardxz@gmail.com .
Enter your email address below to subscribe:

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