Kanami Koronadal AVP (Audio- Visual Presentation)

Transcript as narrated by Atty. Eumir Ernesto Tiamzon

Emerging as the new economic force in the southern part of the Philippines , the heart of Region 12, is a young and urbanizing city of 27,700 hectares with a culturally diverse and competitive population across its 27 barangays, dynamic local economy, high aspirations for a socially inclusive economic future.  

Koronadal Kanami!

Kanami koronadal, a regional brand identity describing the city that exemplifies strong private and LGU participation in governance, enhanced business competitiveness, quality infrastructures, maximized agricultural lands, empowered people with equal opportunities for growth and closely protected natural resources in an urban environment.

Founded on January 10, 1949, Koronadal was chartered as a city on October 8, 2000. This historic milestone was celebrated through fanatic festivals that draw locals and tourists alike to the city. Koronadal Hinugyaw Festival every 10th of January highlights the rich culture and origins of the city as a plain of cogon grass or “kolon-datal”. The Negosyo Festival in commemoration of the city charter anniversary every 8th of October strengthens Koronadal’s positions as the business hub of South Central Mindanao.

The administrative seat of Region 12, the City of Koronadal envisions to become a highly competitive city that sustains quality life, this is transmitted into the mission of developing land and people. As the regional center, Koronadal City continues to enhance support services and infrastructure attracting more investors and pouring in new investments into the city. Koronadal City boasts of its well-maintained wide road network effectively connecting all of its barangays. The construction of the public terminal complex and the establishment of a sanitary landfill will soon see the rise of public infrastructures that will serve the needs and propel the development of the entire region .

Kanami Koronadal, the Green and Serene City of the South. People and land developments are the pillars of the city’s progress. A highly competitive city is translated into a commitment of developing its people through the city’s centerpiece program for human resource development- the Integrated Character Building Program. Koronadal City is committed to intensify its culture of integrity and competitiveness by empowering human resources. Koronadal City  is guided by 8 Core Values packaged with the knowledge of awareness training module now slowly transforming people and community.

The City of Koronadal simultaneously strengthens its position as the Center of Education of the Region, starting up in excellence in the health sciences- the University of the Philippines School of Health Sciences (UP-SHS) extension Campus opened in Koronadal City.

Koronadal City boasts of its achievements in providing quality basic education, classroom backlog is comparatively very low. 

Peace and Development is recognized an an important pre-requisite in providing a favorable climate for local economic development.  The reliable and aggressive measures of various peacekeeping forces are augmented by community vigilance through the strengthened trainings of Barangay Police Action Teams (BPATs) and the channeling of LGU Funds for peace and disaster response logisitics.

Green holiday celebration in Koronadal City, the street’s flooded with the sea  of about 30,000 people who planted about 100,000 tree seedlings across the mountain range spanning six villages in less than 20 minutes. The Tree Growing Festival which could be a Guinness Book of Records breaker for the most number of trees planted in one time is an ultimate show of shared responsibility and participation in environmental management.

Green tourism is identified as a primary development strategy of maximizing Koronadal’s rich tourism resources as a showcase destination for green initiative and as a provider of tourism related services and facilities. Koronadal City acts with the decisiveness of purpose to provide a thriving backdrop for inclusive growth and peaceful and environmentally sustainable city with its highly competitive pool of God-loving, employable and skilled manpower.

To intensify business competitiveness, the first Koronadal Grand Sale was launched in 2010 with the tremendous success recording an overwhelming participation of 52 business establishments. Legitimized through a local ordinance, the Koronadal Grand Sale encourages all businesses within Koronadal City to conduct a month-long sale during the annual charter anniversary celebration by providing tax reduction to participating businesses of up to 50 percent. The Koronadal Grand Sale is one of the centerpieces of  Kanami Koronadal urban competitiveness and job creation strategy. This hopes to create positive climate in order to position Koronadal City as an Agri-business and Green Tourism Hub in South Central Mindanao.

Truly, Kanami Koronadal will lead the development of the entire Region 12.

The micro, small and medium enterprises sector is a critical driver for Koronadal City’s economic growth. Innovative strategies are being initiated to encourage and support entrepreneurship to become enough to propel the local economy. Cooperatives financial and technical support  will continue to channel technical and financial resources.

Koronadal City’s  Skills and Entrepreneurial Development Program produces highly skilled graduates and budding entrepreneurs that forms Koronadal’s highly competitive pool of  human resources.

The City of Koronadal Information and Communication Technology Project (CKICTP) that build, operate, transfer  development scheme is a flagship of public-private partnership project of the automation of the LGU operations to programs systems. Koronadal City now enjoys the immediate effects of the automation project with 12.14% increase in local revenues.
Capitalizing on opportunities that are yet to be maximized on entrepreneurial, organic  agriculture, housing and construction, creative industry, tourism, and  ICT Human Resource Development industries, Koronadal City is being positioned as one of th fastest growing urban economies in the Philippines.

City of Koronadal.. rises above the challenges as it pursues productivity, and ecological-balance towards economic social recovery to become a premier business  and consumer destination of the Philippines.

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  1. A very long AVP, seriously, they could have cut it to a shorter more interesting one, medyo na bore ako sa kalagitnaan. Crush ko pa naman si Eumir before, hehehe.

  2. thnx for this post....at least have seen Koronadal's new face..kanami gid...


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