FEATURE: South Cotabato OFW Pautwasan on Facebook

The Story behind South Cotabato OFW Pautwasan 
by Honeylyn Sudate Fible

As an OFW here in Qatar, I spent my free time alone walking in the sunny corniche of the gulf, freezingly cold malls, killing the time in front of my lappy, chatting friends around the world, facebook, etc., just to kill the boredom. I realized then that much of the time I wasted is killing me softly. 

How and when the Page created

I started to think creating a useful page right after a girly talked with my friends from Dubai (Lea Erum, Irish Atanoso) and Kuwait (Wilma Oraño), last June 9, 2011. I started thinking; this could be fun if we are not only four who will exchange ideas and funny thoughts.

My intention from the outset creating the PAGE has been to create or to make a cyber place where I can tell a story, to where I could share my thoughts, my craziness, my happiness, my experiences, etc. -- A story that could only be told using the medium of blogs (post) and the distribution power of the internet.  A place that could ease my loneliness because of living away from my love ones. A place where I can interact with my fellow OFW's, especially to the OFW's of South Cotabato (my beloved Province). A story that is interactive and constantly evolving with the likers.


SOUTH COTABATO, itself could explain why, eheheh. I’m from the beautiful province in Southern Mindanao – SOUTH COTABATO. Born and raised in Koronadal City.

Why Pautwasan? Pautwasan sounds funny yet have deep meaning, for me. Pautwasan is an Ilonggo term with a root word of UTWAS meaning EXPRESS. I just don’t want to tambay, gusto ko gid mag pautwas, I want to convey my feelings as much as I want to hear yours. No further explaination, ehehehe.


Right now, the biggest challenge to me is how I will keep the Page last long. Right now, I have 10 Admins helping me out with this.

1. Admin Tilapya - Josette Esteva of Singapore from Tampakan South Cotabato
2. Admin Langaw – Ivy Fajemolin of Hong Kong from Koronadal City
3. Admin Kuliglig – Rey Quitayen Matulac of Malaysia from Sto. Niño, South Cotabato
4. Admin Kogon – Jay Reyes of Riyadh, KSA from General Santos City
5. Admin Tibursyah – Leah Lyn Geanga of Denmark from Koronadal City
6. Admin Bugnay – Edwin Cunanan of Qatar, from T’boli, South Cotabato
7. Admin Palopok – Niel Ladua of Philippines from Pikit, North Cotabato
8. Admin Bangruz – Krishna Mabilangan of Denmark from Koronadal
9. Admin Tagabang –
10. Admin Gurami - Nanardxz Zee, owner of South Cotabato Tambayan

My Admins do not hide their personalities as other facebook pages do. You can add them in their personal account (if they refused to add you that's  out of my control). I have done a separate tab in the page, it will appear in Welcome tab, by clicking the “ADMINS”.

South Cotabato OFW Pautwasan Eyeball in Singapore

To enhance and maintain the lively environment in our Payag, they do not stop posting interesting topics out of our best. Regardless, they are in the work or in their free time. They are not web designers and programmers, actor or actresses but for all of you supportive, sleepless, adiks, tireless Yayoys they will do everything to make and to ease that KAMINGAW within us. There are many more to come, so just sit, relax, sign in your account saka sa PAYAG kag mag PAUTWAS!

YAYOY’s sit tight. You are the only reason for our success, and me and the Admins appreciate your devotion. We want you to know that we aren't that big and famous OFW Page. But as we promised each other, we will hold on till the end of facebook world.^_^
South Cotabato OFW Pautwasan Eyeball in Qatar

As a CREATOR I’m not a special person, I’m just like you. A person who love to make friends, who love good stories and good times. I hope that you will join me in continuing my story and help me as a CREATOR in an era of interactive friendship and dedicated likers.

Thank you so much for enjoying our Payag so far. I am amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response to the page; it has exceeded my wildest expectations. Yayos (as we used to call each other).  With your help I believe we are witnessing the birth of a new form of NOT JUST A FACEBOOK FRIEND BUT A FAMILY.


By: Honeylyn Sudate Fible, creator of South Cotabato OFW Pautwasan on Facebook
South Cotabato OFW Pautwasan or SCOFWP is a Page on Facebook, if you're a South Cotabateño based or working overseas you can join South Cotabato OFW Pautwasan by clicking here.


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  1. tnk u so much Creator Honeylyn for this page...im so proud of u and I'm grateful as well as a member and admin of this page...Kudos to all and lets continue hold hand in hand to bring South Cotabateneos close to each and everyone anywhere in this world..just like Nokia's Quote ""connecting people""..^_^


  3. kanami sang mga message sa mga poster, dati man ako nga abroad makarelate gid ko sa need sang aton mga kababayan nga kinahanglan sang pautwasan, sa amon dati ya wala pa facebook kaya todo hibi-hibi gid kung mingawon sa mga pamilya.. congratulations sa mga tao behind this group.. 

  4. Keep up the good work Ms. Honeylyn, i'm sure nagkita na kita familiar imo itsura.. kaayo gid sang imo naisipan.. hugpong south cotabatenyos!

  5. MADAMO NGA SALAMAT ^____^  Your lovely and
    kind words have encouraged me so much that I don't exactly know how to
    express my gratitude. Endless thank you, especially sa mga iyay kag iyoy ko! Kudos to the Admins also! Love u all! Long live SCOFWP Payag!

  6. same words, admin bugnay! mwuah mwuah! so much love u! hihihi

  7. thank you so much honey...we salute you...strive more payag....god bless us!!!

  8. Jiralyn ancheta honradoNov 11, 2011, 11:25:00 AM

    daw mahebe ko ah...jejejeje...kanami ang mensahi ah....maraming tingkyo admin CREATOR KARPA,,,,, AND TO ALL ADMINS...KONGGRATZ .....umwaaah umwaahhhugzzz,.,,,,,tani kapit kamay lng hasta marumpag ang PAYAG...JEJEJE...KUN INDI SUNUGON KO GD ANG PAYAG,,, TOINKZ....HAHAHAHAHA,,,,,LOVE YOU ALL GUYS.........GODBLESS US ALL.....

  9. Wow.. Congratz sa SCOFWP, kay Creator Karpz kag sa mga admin.. padaun lang kita! :)

  10. d na gid marumpag payag ta yay kay gin tukuran na ka madamo nga haligi! hihihi salamat man sa imo mwuaaaah! halin sa natunkod ang payag wala ka gid namilin sa amon <3

  11. maayong gabi sa mga taga south cotabato


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