600,000 Pageviews!

This blog South Cotabato News Atbp just got 600,000 pageviews! Yey..

Thanks fellow internet users especially to those who frequently and infrequently come back to South Cotabato News ATBP for news and updates from South Cotabato, you guys unintentionally making me happy!

How about this IT'S MORE FUN IN SOUTH COTABATO shirts designed by June Raye Prudente as giveaways?
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  1. Congratulations nards, paano makakuha ng tshirt na yan?

  2. thank you te .. i'l let you know pag-available na ang tshirts :)

  3. yadeh, macomment gd ko a. kay gusto ko shirt weyyy! :))

  4. sure mimi may ara ka gid ciempre pag-available nah.. la ko pa na-follow-up kay gov.pingoy ang mga tshirt hehehe

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