March 2012 Events and Festivals in South Cotabato

It's the month of March, and fun never stops here in South Cotabato! Here are major events and festivals in South Cotabato you should not miss this month.

Pasundayag Festival (March 1-4) - This is the biggest annual event held in the Municipality of Banga which is also a celebration of the town's foundation anniversary as a settlement district in the year 1941. A colorful showcase of the town's local talents, beauty and culture, some of the events for this year's Pasundayag Festival to look forward to includes the Horse Race/Show at the Banga Central Elementary School beginning March 2, the Search for Pinakama-anyag nga Lin-ay sang Banga 2012 on March 3 at the Municipal Gymnasium and the Culmination Program which will be highligted by a Rural Dancing Showdown on March 4  at the Banga Municipal Plaza. (Click here for full Pasundayag Festival 2012 schedule)

Kamayadan Festival (March 1-10) - Coined from an Ilonggo term MAYAD which means GOOD. Kamayadan Festival is a street dancing festival which recognizes the varied cultures and traditions of the people of Norala. And the town being the province's biggest rice producer - Kamayadan Festival is also a thanksgiving for good harvest. The Search for Mutya ng Norala 2012 will be held on March 8 and the Kamayadan Festival streetdancing showdown will be on March 10. (Check out this site for schedule)

Seslong Festival (March 5-16) - a T’boli tongue which means gather together in a certain place for various socio-cultural heritage. T’boli and B’laan native songs and dances are the main attractions of the Seslong festival. It will start on March 5 and will be highlighted by a street dancing competition on the culmination day. (Check out this site for schedule)

Amyak Maleh 2012 - As part of the commemoration of the declaration of Mt. Matutum as a protected landscape, the town of Tupi, South Cotabato holds the celebration of AMYAK MALEH, a B'laan words meaning "climb and plant". This year's Amyak Maleh celebration includes activities like the usual climb and planting activities on March 23-25 (click here for the itinerary), the search for the Diwata ng Matutum, the Run for Matutum on March 18 and more.

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