1st Governor Arthur "Dodo" Pingoy Cup - National Fish Show 2012

The SOCCSKSARGEN Tropical Fish Society(STFS)- an organization composed of fish hobbyists, enthusiasts, breeders and keepers from the region in cooperation with the Asian Betta Alliance(ABA) and Guppy Club of the Philippines(GCP) will be holding the "1st Governor Arthur 'Dodo' Cup National Fish Show 2012" this is in celebration of the upcoming 13th T'nalak Festival, the show and exhibit  of different ornamental fishes will be on July 16-18, 2012 at the South Cotabato Gym and Cultural Center.

Registration Fee varies on the different categories listed below.
  • FLOWERHORN(Mindanao Open)
            P600.00/ENTRY(JUVY AND SMALL) 
            P700.00/ENTRY (MEDIUM AND LARGE)
  • GUPPY AND GOLDFISH(National Open)
  • BETTA(National Open)

Camera friendly pose from Mr. Flowerhorn |  "We take our fishes seriously" Photo from STFS
The charming best of the show goldfish | "We take our fishes seriously" Photo from STFS
Splendid beauty of the Betta | "We take our fishes seriously" Photo from STFS
Bench-in for participating entries will be on July 14-15 for flowerhorn and on July 16 for Betta, Goldfish and Guppy. 
Interested participants may contact the following persons for more details, information and inquiries.

MR. GLEN FRESCO: 09209464713
MR. GREG SOLIVA: 09205319644
MR. FADZ ABOBAKAR: 09286766500 
MR. JB SUNGA: 09463987854

South Cotabato, Making a Difference Amo na'ya!


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  1. An event to watch out.. Isasali ko si mucho! :D


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