VIDEO: Lake Sebu is No.8 Must-See Place in the Philippines

This blog is not only about the latest news and happenings around the province of South Cotabato, it's also about anything that a South CotabateƱo can be proud of. 

And so we are proud to share here this video of the September 16, 2012 episode of ANG PINAKA, an infotainment show aired every Sunday on GMA News TV. 

In this episode, Ang Pinaka listed 10 of the most amazing, awe-inspiring sights and attractions in the country and named the list as the Top 10 Must-See Places in the Philippines.

Included in the list is our very own Lake Sebu which landed at the 8th spot. Here now is the video, watch and enjoy!
Thank you GMA News for including Lake Sebu in your list of 10 must-see places in the country. 

Video courtesy of GMA News, uploaded on popular video sharing site Youtube last October 12, 2012.
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