Spotted: Prepaid WiFi @ Yellow Bus Terminal

SPOTTED: Prepaid WiFi offered at the YBLTerminal in Koronadal City

The Yellow Bus Line, Inc. management is offering internet connection for a fee through the use an internet kiosk by MarbelTel in its bus terminal in Gensan Drive, City of Koronadal. 
Internet kiosk at YBL Terminal in Koronadal City
While other establishment like malls, restaurant and even some of YBL's Premier and Executive Class buses offers WiFi connection free of charge, the prepaid WiFi service inside the YBL Terminal is for a fee of P20.00 for every one hour of use. We find it a little costly and unnecessary because usage of the service is limited only within the bus terminal and given the fact that telecommunication companies also offers mobile internet for as low as P10 for 30 minutes and you can use it anywhere you go as long as there's a signal.

To avail of the prepaid Wifi at Yellow Bus Line Terminal, a costumer must have a ready P20.00 bill, insert it into the payment slot found at the right side of the kiosk and then press the "Print" button. The kiosk will then print out a service ticket that contains the username and the password that can be use in connecting to the internet through your smart phones, tablets or laptops. On your device, find and connect to the "wifi_works@marbeltel" networks then open the internet browser. You will be redirected to the service log-in page then enter the username and password from the kiosk print-out. After that costumer can now enjoy internet connection while in the YBL Bus Terminal.

What do you think of this prepaid wifi service inside YBL Bus Terminal in Koronadal City?

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