Mountain Log Resort in Lake Sebu

The town of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato continues to be a favorite destination for both locals and foreign tourists alike. 

Aside from its famed tourism destinations like the Seven Falls, the zipline adventure, its three (3) lakes (namely Lake Seloton, Lake Lahit and Lake Sebu), and the rich culture of the T'boli tribe to name a few, Lake Sebu is also known for its affordable resorts. Another resort that has become one of our favorites was Mountain Log Resort in Purok Pag-asa. 
Last November 26-30, Mountain Log Resort was the venue for the 5-day Eco Guides' Training organized by AVLDA and LGSP-LED wherein South Cotabato News was one of the privileged participants. It was actually our third visit at Mountain Log Resort and this time we took the opportunity to take pictures of the resort and the scenery, and of course we never forgot to inquire about their room rates. The following are what we've got.
Lotuses blooms early in the morning at Lake Sebu
One rainy afternoon at Mountain Log Resort. The lake was almost covered with fogs. 

Mountain Log's floating cottages and hundreds of lotus flowers

ROOM RATES at Mountain Log Resort

JL1 & JL2 - P 750.00
(good for 2 persons, with hot and cold shower, TV and terrace)
Attic -P 100/pax

JL3 & JL4 - P 650.00
(good for 2 persons, with hot and cold shower, TV and terrace)
Attic -P 100/pax

B1 & B2 - P 400.00
(good for 2 persons, with CR)

A1 & A2 - P 600.00
(good for 6 persons, with CR)

JR1 - P 500.00
(good for 4 persons, with CR)

JR2 - P 800.00
(good for 8 persons, with CR)

Dormitory Type - P 100.00/pax
(good for 30 persons, separate CR)

For our foods, Mountain Log Resort served to us a mix of tilapia delicacies and some favorite Filipino dishes every meal.

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