River Trekking @ Pula-Bato, Tampakan

If you thought that Tampakan was only all about its rich gold & copper deposits, or the controversial mining project, think again -  this first class municipality in South Cotabato can also be a good venue for some awesome river trekking.

Last Sunday, South Cotabato News together with a travel buddy and three knowledgeable guides who were also from Tampakan explored the hidden beauty of nature in Brgy. Pula-Bato, Tampakan, South Cotabato. The group took a habal-habal ride from Brgy. Poblacion, walked for about 15 minutes to reach Amwek Cave, trudged through the ankle-to-knee deep river, climbed huge boulders, had a long hike before finally enjoying the cold waters of Kawa Falls. Enjoy the photos below.
You need to climb through these huge boulders, to be able to reach Kawa Falls. The cold waters and the beauty of nature will simply keep you going. 
River pools and more short waterfalls along the way - all inviting.
Caves. There were actually about five caves the group passed through before reaching Kawa-Kawa Falls, the most notable was the first called Amwek Cave, the rest are yet to be named.
Rocks after rocks. Get ready to climb and slide through these huge boulders scattered all throughout - exhilarating yet  fun!

Dip in at the cold waters of Kawa Falls and be amazed.
South Cotabato News highly recommend river trekking to Kawa Falls in Pula-Bato, Tampakan especially for adventure lovers.

How to get there:

The Municipality of Tampakan is located some 30 minutes away from Koronadal City, it can be reached through jeepneys or air-conditioned van. From Brgy. Poblacion, take a habal-habal ride to Brgy. Pula-Bato (Php 30.00/person), from there a hike for about 15-20 minutes will bring you to the river and Amwek Cave where the most exciting part of your river trek will start. Another more or less 1 hour of enjoyable and adventurous trekking passing through huge boulders will lead you to Kawa Falls. For more information about River Trekking to Kawa-Kawa Falls and other possible adventure destinations in Tampakan, contact iDenCaBang Adventures @ 0928-9353-083.

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