Kaon ta N'yo

"Kaon ta nyo" is an Ilonggo phrase which means "Let's eat" in the English Language and you will always hear this, not only from the Ilonggos but from Filipinos in general, with almost 170 dialects. In difference, aside from these remarkable Filipino values are the astonishing delicacies that Filipinos served for their families and guests with or without any particular occasion. 

From the home kitchen, even resorts and restaurants now have adapted the recipes and come up with their own way of serving this "tatak pinoy" dishes. Variations, changes, and innovations are applied just to brought a unique touch to this native Filipino victuals, but still the original taste of it is truly incomparable.

Mouth watering delicacies, certified South Cotabato's Best.
South Cotabato has always something innate on it that whenever and wherever in the world that you'll get to hear it, it would draw you straight to one of the best destination in the country, the province of South Cotabato. Proud enough to say that when it comes to foods, the province has always something to brag. For instance, the tilapias of the Municipality of Lake Sebu. All sort of dishes you can cook out of them are truly exceptional and this has been manifested not only by the people of the municipality but also by tourists coming from different parts of the country and even those from foreign countries, isn't it great? 

If you are the kind of person who is willing to pay much just to explore what other places in our precious country, Philippines can offer and a certified food lover (all of us loves eating but food lovers are definitely in a different extent) well you can take pleasure in eating all your favorite delicacies, exclusively here in South Cotabato. Meal is served, Bon Appétit (Enjoy your meal). ( Contributed by Dennis Victor Inocente)
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