More Z Benefits From Philhealth

Per  Philhealth Circular #2, more Z benefit packages will be launched as the country’s leading health care financing institution turn 18 this year disclosed by the Chief of Health Care Delivery and Management Division, Dr Edson F. Pama in a press conference held recently.

These new surgical benefit packages include Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery, surgery for Tetralogy of Fallout, Surgery for Ventricular Septal Defect and Surgery for Cervical Cancer that suits  the theme of 2013 Philhealth Run for Mothers and Children Pama added. 
HCDMD Chief, Dr. Edson F. Pama with Accreditation and Quality Assurance  Section Head, Dr. Antoniette M. Ladio and Membership Section Head, Jerlyn L. Villanueva  as co-panelists in this year’s press conference
Said packages were pronounced in support to the press statement declared by the Field Operations Chief, Dr. Miriam Grace G. Pamonag  

The latter said that since 2012 alone, Philhealth has already taken  leaps and bounds in terms of benefit provision for the members from preventive care services through the Rural Health Units and Lying-in Facilities to catastrophic and severe cases through tertiary facilities.

Lipid profile and fasting blood sugar in particular were added to the free diagnostic services for the sponsored
organized groups and the overseas workers through RHUS.

As to severe cases, kidney transplantation worth 600k, children’s leukemia at 210k and breast/ prostate cancer at 100k per case were given since last year.

In addition, animal bite package and leptospirosis were added to previously launched packages at a “no balance billing policy” for sponsored members upon admission in government facilities of ward type accommodation.

 “Philhealth has indeed helped a lot, like in the case of my sister confined in Davao due to squamous cell carcinoma or skin cancer. We have paid only more than Php28,000 out of the total charges that is almost a hundred thousand,” Jeanny Ventura from DOH12 said.

Dennis Domingo of DSWD12 supported the same by stating that Philhealth12 in particular is not only pro-active in disseminating this information but are also prompt in giving service particularly for the sponsored members.
Mr. Dennis Domingo of DSWD12  stating his appreciation about Philhealth’s prompt and dedicated service particularly for the sponsored members.
Other participants from the local media raised questions about the proceeds of the fun run and some from government offices asked about “Kasambahay Bill” in relation to the new labor law. Membership, contribution concerns and hospital development were likewise taken up.

Panelists include the Regional Director of DOH12, Dr. Marlyn Convocar, DSWD Assistant Regional Director, Gemma Rivera, Regional Fun Run Lead Coordinator, Lorelie Bonilla and Camella A. Taha representing the Reception and Study Center as 2013 Fun Run recipient. 

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