Gaisano Grand Polomolok opening soon!

Gaisano Grand Polomolok will be opening soon.

As shown, Gaisano Grand Polomolok "opening soon" flyers can already be seen in  tricycles and some establishments around Poblacion, Polomolok.
Work on Gaisano Grand Polomolok has also sped up and its rumored opening next week, May 16, 2013 is not improbable.

Workers are now finishing the building's facade. A mall personnel told SouthCotabatoNews.Com that within this week we may see the large Gaisano Grand Polomolok logo installed outside the mall building. The personnel also disclosed that interiors are almost done and mall tenants were already allowed to start working on their respective spaces. 
A closer look at Gaisano Grand Polomolok...
Employees of the mall were also seen coming in and out of the building, perhaps in preparation for the much-awaited opening. 

The mall's main entrance is located facing the National Highway. Drainage around the Gaisano Grand Polomolok complex is also almost complete. The driveway and drop-off point was already paved as well as the wide parking area.

Gaisano Grand Polomolok will cater not only the needs of the people of Polomolok but also the neighboring town of Tupi which is just about 10-15 minutes away.

Gaisano Grand Mall of Polomolok as of May 6, 2013.  Can't wait to see the mall's finished interiors.
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