Join Takladtamig Otso: River Trek for a Cause

Let's river trek for a cause, join Takladtamig Otso happening this weekend, November 30- December 1, 2013 in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.
Destination includes Mahil Falls, Traankini Falls and Sitio Kangko. Registration Fee is Php500.00 inclusive of entrance fees, transportation, environmental fees, tree seedlings and climb certificate. All proceeds will go to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas.

Itinerary: Takladtamig Otso River Trek for a cause

Day 1 - November 30
6:00am – 7:00am – Assembly Area Marvella Plaza Hotel Parking lot
ETD – 7:15am – Going to Lake Sebu
ETA – 8:15am – Lake Sebu Tourism Office
8:15am – 7:00am– Briefing @ Tourism Office
ETD – 7:45am – Going to Upper Talobek, Lamlahak (JumpOff Area)
ETA – 8:30am – Upper Talobek
9:00 –Start River Trek to Traankini and Mahil Falls
ETA –11:30am– Mahil Falls (Lunch, Pictorials)
ETA –01:00pm – Ascent to Sitio Kangko
ETD –03:00pm – ETA Sitio Kangko (Campsite)
– Community interaction
– Bird Watching
05:00pm – Dinner
– Interaction with the Elders
-Open Forum / Socials
10:00pm – Lights Off

Day 2- December 1

05:30am – Wake Up Call / Native Coffee time
06:30am – Breakfast
08:00am – Tree Planting (Sitio Kangko)
09:30am – Start Descent / traverse
11:00am – Lake Sebu proper

Home Sweet home!

For registration & other inquiries, contact the following:

Louie - 09213885455
Julz - 09173235074
John - 09285550875
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