SOCOTECO -1 Power Advisory: Up to 9-Hour Brownouts on November 22-23

SOCOTECO-1 has announced through its Facebook page the schedule of power interruptions this weekend November 22-23, 2013.

On Friday, November 22, some areas in Norala, Surallah and Banga will experience power outages from 8 AM- 12 NOON due to Line Clearing activities and ride-on preventive maintenance of the Line Maintenance Division -2 (Installation/Relocation of Fuse cut-outs, Replacement of broken insulators, Re tensioning of sagged lines, Re tightening of circuit jumpers, etc.)

Brownout Schedule - November 22, 2013  8 AM- 12 Noon

Feeder 41
Brgy. Lopez Jeana, Brgy. Puti, Brgy San Miguel of Norala and Faciolan Ricemill.

Feeder 42
Buenafe Ricemill, Villalobos Ricemill, Huqueriza Ricemill, Brgy Esperanza Norala, Tacul Tacul, Bliss Norala, Brgy Guinsang-an, Brgy San Vicente, Brgy. Panay

Feeder 22
Surallah Poblacion, Solivio Ricemill, Villanueva Plains, Agan Homes Surallah, Surallah Municipal Hall, Valdevieso Ricemill, Diente Ricemill and portion of Banga covering: Brgys.Liwanay, Cinco, Kusan, Rang-ay, Cabuling, San Jose & portion Brgy. Lamba.

Feeder 12
P/Valencia, San Vicente, Malaya, El Nonok, El Negros, Sitio Highway, Brgy. Punong Grande, Banga Poblacion, Brgy. Cabudian, Brgy Reyes, Brgy. Rizal, Brgy Yanco, Brgy. Improgo, Brgy Benitez, BIOTECH, Javellana Cornmill, Fordson Ricemill, Bendita Ricemill

On Saturday, November 23, areas that will be affected by the scheduled brownouts are portions of Surallah, Banga, T'boli and Lake Sebu. Power interruptions in these areas will last up to 8 hours (8 AM- 4 PM). Line Clearing activities and ride-on preventive maintenance of the Line Maintenance Division -2 were the reasons stated by SOCOTECO-1 for these scheduled brownouts.

Brownout Schedule - November 23, 2013  8 AM- 4 PM

Feeder 23
T’boli Poblacion, Brgys Veterans, Edwards, Sinolon New Dumangas, Laconon, Kematu, Desawo, Afus.
Portion of Surallah covering Brgy Centrala, Naci, Lambontong, Lamsugod, Tubi-Ala, Buenavista
AMS Corporation, Upland Banana Corporation. Portion of Banga covering Brgys. Matlong, Derilon, Lam Apus, Lambingi, Lampari.
Portion of Lake Sebu covering Bgry. Maculan, Halilan & Denlag.

Feeder 24

Feeder 25

Portion of Surallah covering Portion of Dajay, Brgy. Colongolo, Little Baguio. Daraug Ricemill & Slaughter House.
Municipality of Lake Sebu covering Brgy. of Talisay, Canahay, Bleboy, Hanoon, Luhib, Lamsupo, Bacdulong, Lamfugon, Lamcade, Klubi, Lamlahak & Tasiman,
Sta. Cruz Mission.

Also on Saturday, November 23, longer brownouts are to be expected in portions of the Municipality of Tampakan and in some areas of Koronadal City. Up to 9 hours of power outages are scheduled on these areas. SOCOTECO-1 maintenance personnel will facilitate re-fusing of circuits, preventive maintenance and line clearing activities during these period.

Brownout Schedule - November 23, 2013 8 AM- 5 PM

Feeder 52

Portions of Tampakan Poblacion, Brgys. of Sta. Cruz, San Isidro, Lambayong, Lampitak, Albagan to Tablu, Liberty, SMI Corefarm, Danlag to Palo 19

Feeder 53
Portions of Tampakan Poblacion going to Brgys. Maltana andKipalbig,

Feeder 31
From Purok Spring, Brgy Morales, San Felipe, Libas, New Iloilo, Maibo, Bukay Pait, Dumadalig, Luayan, Tantangan Poblacion, Don Honorado, New Cuyapo, Mangilala, Magon ; ATI ,M & MB Ricemill, Sun Beam Ricemill, Agan Homes North.
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