Mutya ng Norala 2014 Official Candidates

The heat is on for the ten (10) official candidates of the Search for Mutya ng Norala 2014. The pageant night will be held on March 8, 7:30 PM at Norala Municipal Gymnasium.

Meet the official candidates. 

Photos courtesy of Abbie Vittori  (click HERE to follow Abbie n Facebook) of Visual Concepts Studio and Productions.

Candidate #1:  Nidelyn Mae B. Cabo

Candidate #2: Angel May H. Dela Cruz

Candidate #3: Irah Joyce Salmeo
NDN Norala

Candidate #4: Guadilene D. Fuyonan
Lapuz National High School

Candidate #5: Rhea O. Sotomil
Liga ng mga Barangay

Candidate #6: Kathrine Myra Jane S. Haberle
Ar-Ar Office Supply & Gen. Mdse.

Candidate #7: Sheryl P. Trabado
GVCFI - Norala

Candidate #8: Lea Lorraine J. Elesis
Jenlove Agri Supply

Candidate #9: Nasria P. Pandita
Sergio L. Legayada National High School

Candidate #10: Karel Allaine F. Paba
Norala National High School

The Search for Mutya ng Norala is one of the events of Kamayadan Festival 2014.

So, who do you think will be this year's Mutya ng Norala who will represent the town in the Search for Mutya ng South Cotabato 2014 on July.

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