DOT-12 invites accreditation for Tourist Transport Service

“If they are drivers that are accredited, it means they know the destination, they have hospitality, and knows how to handle tourists,” said Department of Tourism Region 12 (DOT-12) Regional Director Nelly Nita Dillera referring to the importance of applying for accreditation for Tourist Transport Service.

DOT-12 is now inviting qualified transport owners/operators to apply for tourist transport service franchise.

DOTC Department Order Number 2013-01 provides all tourist transport operators an endorsement to the DOTC for tourist transport service franchise, pursuant to DOTC Department Order Number 2013-04.

This application for endorsement requires the following procedures: Applicants shall accomplish the Application form in two copies – one each for the DOT and DOTC, and shall submit the documentary requirements provided for Section B thereof;

Only notarized applicants with complete documentary requirements shall be accepted by DOT. DOT shall evaluate whether the applicant is a legitimate tourist transport operator and shall conduct an inspection of vehicles and their garage within three days upon receipt of the application.

After due evaluation and inspection, DOT shall endorse the application form together with complete supporting documents. Only brand new vehicles shall be endorsed. For this purpose, a brand new unit shall mean a unit manufactured in the current year when the application was filed.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) shall grant or deny the issuance of franchise.

Within 30 days after issuance of the LTFRB franchise, the applicant must apply for accreditation as Tourist Operator prior to registration with the Land Transportation Office for a tourist transport service license plate. Failure to do shall constrain this office to recommend to LTFRB the cancellation of the issued franchise.

“They will be evaluated and inspected to be aligned with the standards before accredited… they are not just any tourist transport that will drive, they are trained because we require trainings for drivers as frontline service provider… this will set them apart from just having a driver’s license,” Dillera said. (DOT NEWS)

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