Top 10 Photographers in South Cotabato 2014

There are a lot of talented photographers in South Cotabato, but today I am naming the ten (10) who I think have already made their mark, have inspired a lot including this blogger and other photographers here and from other places. Some of them have joined and won in our online photography competitions, supported our events, while others showcases the best of South Cotabato to the world through their photos.
They are ranked based on their works, influence and of course, my personal taste. Here's I Love South Cotabato's list of  Top 10 Photographers in South Cotabato for 2014.

Note: All photos used in this article are property of their respective photographers.

10. Steven Rae Honor BaƱares
“When I was starting as a photographer, I volunteer (and continuously doing) to document events and landmarks to help promote Polomolok. I did not mind any compensation because I am happy and willing to help the municipality,”
Steven is one of the most in-demand events and wedding photographer in South Cotabato.
His fanpage called Batang Polomolok on Facebook has over 25,000 followers.
9. Ruel Ambat
Ruel Ambat. A Koronadal-based photographer and a freelance multi-media designer.
He was one of our photo contest winners during the Tnalak Festival in 2013 and 2014. 

8. Omar Gallinero
"I started my love affair with photography as a hobby in the year 2007, further enriching my skills by reading numerous articles on photography in books and the internet."
Omar Gallinero. An expert in wedding photography, portraiture, fashion and glamour as well
as landscape and travel photography.

7. Jeniel Buday
Jeniel Buday. I really admire his landscape images and is very passionate in sharing his works online.
He is also into wild bird photography.

6. Jose Edang, Jr.
An Opthalmologist, Dr. Jose Edang, Jr. really has the eye for photography. His works are not simply snapshots of people, but always shows emotion. He was the champion during the 2013 Tnalak Festival Online Photo Contest organized by I Love South Cotabato.

5. Jonathan Jara
Jonathan Jara. Is another award-winning photographer from South Cotabato. 

4. Louie Pacardo
Louie Pacardo. A travel blogger and photographer and also a tourism advocate.
His shots are always share-worthy.

3. Ariel Pascua
"I love to capture the colors of Philippine Festivals and immersed in varied cultures as portrayed in street dancing.."
Ariel Pascua. Is a Certified Public Accountant, and is belong to the new breed of the so called "Bagong Bayani" who find solace in photography. He was also one of the winners of the Tnalak Festival 2013 Online Photo Contest, and champion in the Glan Centennial Online Photo Contest last October.

2. Ric Samanion
Ric Samanion. A great landscape photographer also from Koronadal. He bagged the 1srt Place as well as the 3rd Place in the Destination category of Tnalak Festival 2014 Online Photo Contest last July.

1. Allan Barredo
Allan Barredo. Is an awarding-winning travel blogger and photographer. 
His blog Lantaw contains his works, beautiful  images of people and places that are always worthy to share. 


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  1. Thank you and its a great honor! Soccsksargen has a lot of very good photographers! Islan ta nang image ko da sine hehehe:

    1. I'm a fan. Continue on inspiring us Lantaw ;)

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