Halo-Halo at Tambilawan Kamayan Restaurant

Last weekend after an enjoyable trip to Basag Falls in Tboli, South Cotabato, I craved for halo-halo so I suggested to my travel buddy that we try the halo-halo from Tambilawan Kamayan Restaurant in General Santos City.
Halo-Halo at Tambilawan Kamayan Restaurant
So we traveled back to Gensan and headed directly to Tambilawan Kamayan Restaurant  located at Jose P. Laurel Street. Tambilawan is a halal-certified restaurant. They serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner at affordable prices. The place is small but I love the ambiance and how it look inside. There are native bamboo cottages and wooden tables and chairs. Their staff are very welcoming and friendly.

Tambilawan Kamayan Restaurant

Tambilawan's Halo-Halo is priced at P49.00 per serving . It is their best-seller according to the staff that took our order. Their halo-halo was served not on a typical tall glass but in a large bowl.  It has sago balls, gulaman jelly, langka (jackfruit), macapuno, brown beans, sweetcorn, milk and topped with two scoops of ube-flavored ice cream, corn flakes and a wafer stick.

It has NO leche flan. :(

Halo-Halo at Tambilawan Kamayan Restaurant

What I like most with Tambilawan's halo-halo is the ice which is shaved really fine. Its delicious but how I wish they serve extra milk to make it more creamy, and add leche flan to its ingredients. Anyhow, it's really good and just okay for the price. It actually satisfied my cravings during that afternoon.
Halo-Halo at Tambilawan Kamayan Restaurant

I'm giving Tambilawan's halo-halo a 7.8 out of 10 rating.

Beat the heat this summer. Try it for yourself!

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