8 contingents to compete in Seslong Festival 2016 Street Dancing Competition today

Today, March 16, the people of the Municipality of Tboli are celebrating their town's 42nd Foundation Anniversary and the culmination of the 18th Seslong Festival.

Part of the celebration is the much-anticipated street dancing competition which  will showcase the rich culture of the people of Tboli.

Seslong Festival
This year, a total of eight (8) contingents  are competing in the said competition which will also highlight their colorful traditional costumes, music and other traditions.

Below is this year's list of contingents and some photos taken in last year's Seslong Festival Street Dancing and Showdown.

  1. Lugan Central Elementary School
  2. New Dumangas Elementary School
  3. Edwards Elementary School
  4. Tboli Elementary School
  5. Laconon Integrated School
  6. Desawo Elementary School
  7. Maan Elementary School
  8. Sinolon Elementary School

Seslong Festival

Seslong Festival

Seslong Festival

Seslong Festival

Happy Seslong Festival.. SEE you in Tboli!

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