PhilHealth to Enroll Foreign Nationals

In partnership with the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), PhilHealth may now enroll foreign nationals with the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) per PhilHealth Circular 2017-2003.

This program includes all foreign retirees or former Filipino nationals and their qualified dependents who are holders of Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) granted with permanent residency status.

Citizens of other countries working and/or residing in the Philippines and holders of valid Alien Certificate of Registration – Identity Card (ACR_IC) may likewise enjoy the same privilege.

Those foreign citizens with formal contract and whose premium contributions are equally shared with their employers on the other hand, are not included.

Any interested party may visit the nearest PhilHealth Office for registration and the basic document for enrolment is either SRRV or PRA issued ID card or valid ACR-I-card whichever is applicable to the registrant.

Qualified dependents include Filipino spouse and children below 21 years old.

However, in the case of foreign spouse and children below 21 years old who are not Filipino citizens, only one of them can be declared as dependent.

The principal member and his qualified dependents are all entitled to avail of the benefits except for the Z benefit package, Special privileges for Women About to Give Birth (WATGB) and reimbursement for all confinements abroad.

Qualifying contribution requirement for them to avail of the benefits is at least 9 months within the immediate 12 months prior to admission.

Annual premium contribution for PRA foreign retiree is Php15,000 while for other foreign citizens working and/or residing in the country is Php17,000 payable quarterly , semi-annually or annually. (hanah g. naanep, PRO III)

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