PhilHealth Introduces Enhanced Benchbook

To ensure better quality health care services to its members, PhilHealth XII introduced the new process and guidelines on the Enhanced Benchbook 2nd Edition to the hospitals in the Region last February 8-9, 2018 at The Farm, Carpenter Hill, City of Koronadal.
PhilHealth Introduces Enhanced Benchbook
Participants who attended the enhanced Benchbook Orientation for Hospitals held at The Farm at Carpenter Hill, City of Koronadal on Febraury 8-9, 2018.

Said orientation aimed to prepare the hospitals and let them get familiarized with the newest innovation in terms of accreditation.

These self-assessment tools shall help the health care providers evaluate their capability to comply with the enhanced Benchbook standards.

“As we welcome you to this orientation, we thank you for your continuing support for the successful implementation of the National Health Insurance Program. We hope that you will never get tired of working with us for the sake of our members,” Administrative Officer, Mr. Bienvenido L. Borra said.

Performance Areas discussed in said 2-day orientation were specifically on Medication Management, Surgical Anesthesia Care, Patients’ Rights, Care Planning, Care Delivery, Access to Health Care, Inpatient Admission, Outpatient Registration and Assessment of Patients, among others.

Hospitals who will adopt the new tools are expected to deliver what is precisely projected based from the benchbook standards.

“We, in PhilHealth continue to innovate because it is our mandate to deliver the best care for our members. As part of our quality management, we mean to provide guaranteed satisfaction to them,” Head of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Section, Dr. Antoniette M. Ladio stressed.

One of the issues asked during the open forum is about the preparation needed for ISO and benchbook accreditation. Nimia P. Juanday from Cotabato Regional Medical Center clarified whether the latter is different from the former.

AS explained, ISO 9001-2015 preparation is totally different from Benchbook accreditation standards because it has its own set of standards for health care delivery and services.

Target for health care teachings based on top 10 causes of morbidity were clarified to be the prerogative of the facility and the teaching itself should be individualized depending on the case of the patient. Minimum requirement of which relies on the policy of the facility.

Prescription of dangerous drugs other than doctors themselves must be administered only by the trained medical staff as required in this policy.

All other issues and concerns were thoroughly discussed by the panelist headed by Dr. Ladio himself with Dr. Rizalino J. Urbano and Mr. Roberto P. Ontanillas, Jr.

AT least, there were 59 participants who attended said orientation. (hanah g. naanep, PRO III)

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