Philhealth Holds ACA's Forum

To strengthen engagement and improve compliance to corporate policies and accreditation requirement among Accredited Collecting Agents (ACAs), Philhealth XII conducted a forum on July 23, 2018 with the theme "Stronger Partnership in the Midst of Challenges" at Philhealth XII Training Room, 3/F CSA Bldg., Cor Zulueta St. and Gensan Drive, City of Koronadal.

Discussed during the forum are the roles and responsibilites of partner ACAs in implemention of Philhealth "No SPA, No Payment Policy," the effect of non compliance to employers' remittance and report submission, accuracy and integrity of Philhealth's database and accessibility - of data information at the point of benefit availment.
Philhealth Holds ACA's Forum

The activity has likewise opened an avenue for the ACAs representatives to raise and discuss the challenges, issues and concern thev have encountered in dispense of services to Philhealth members and stakeholders.

The panelists threshed out each issues and concerns that include lack of viewing access to Philhealth database due to erroneous / invalid PIN and other related errors, acceptance of premium payment from members with covcrage under Sponsored Program / Indigent and fast turn over of officers handling Philhealth remittance that sometimes fail to update their successors with Philhealth policies.

Ms. Bonilla, Head, Collection Section shared that "errors are opportunities to learn, to grow, to better ourselves and improve our services. It is not only applicable in our official function but also in our personal lives. I hope we have learned something from this forum and improve our services."

Moreover, "Philhealth is only an administrator of the National Health Insurance Program. We are all public servants because we serve the same public. It's ours and it is for the Filipinos. We are co-owners of this health insurance. If there is one legacy that we can leave to the next generation - it's the National Health Insurance Program. I hope that we could hold hands together in the implementation of this noble program with noble intention of serving the entire Filipino people. " Regional Vice President Dr. Miriam Grace G. Pamonag said.

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