PhilHealth XII Files Charges Against Eering Employers

PhilHealth XII has recently filed charges against 3 employers for   non-remitting of their employees’ contribution to the corporation.

This is the result of its continuing campaign against fraud as it is about to implement the Universal Health Care Program.

Atty. Jusen E. Lubaton, former PhilHealth XII Legal Office Head, said that PhilHealth office has been trying to negotiate.
PhilHealth XII Files Charges Against Eering Employers
PhilHealth XII Collection Section Head, Lorelie G. Bonilla as complainant’s representative by law, filed a complaint-affidavit before the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of Sarangani Province on June 21, 2019.
“We have been trying to be lenient with them for the past ten years. We have been trying to negotiate just for them to settle their obligation and we are already running short of patience. There will be more as reported by the Collection Section. We will be filing the corresponding cases based on their evaluation. There are 40more employers who will be charged and certainly, these will wake them up..,” Lubaton said.

Cases filed against three employers from the cities of Koronadal and Gen. Santos and Province of Sarangani were accused of non-remittance of premium involving a total count of 119 for Failure/ Refusal to remit their contributions to Philhealth.

Aside from the civil liability consisting of the actual premiums not remitted, the employer is also liable for interests and surcharges and cost suit. The criminal liability consists of fines amounting to Php5000 to Php10000 per affected employee. One month missed remittance is one count of the offense. 

As an example, the complaint filed against employer in Gen. Santos could result to a sentence with a fine of Php 4.6 million and the owner or manager is solidarily liable with the employer.

The one filed in Gen. Santos has incurred more than Php100,000 and the one in Koronadal is around Php80,000 excluding penalty. The computation was done upon filing of charges. Upon payment, concerned employer shall be computed of their corresponding penalty as a criminal violation of Section 44 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations.

“We have exhausted all means just to remind them to settle their financial obligation. That is why, we have already started filing cases. We will be running after them for that unremitted collection including interest. That is considered estafa,” Lorelie G. Bonilla, Collection Section Head said.

It is mandated by law that employers are authorized to collect monthly premium form their employees. It is their duty to remit the same to PhilHealth. In this case, said employers failed to remit the collected amount.

We started with those who have the highest figure of unpaid remittances and those who are difficult to deal with. In fact, there are more of them who have pending cases and more are coming,” Bonilla added.

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