Governor Tamayo Issues Stern Warning: Non-Taxpaying Companies Unwelcome in South Cotabato

"Companies that do not know how to pay the right taxes are not welcome in South Cotabato."

This was stated by Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo, Jr., after Sumifru Philippines Corporation, decided not to pay its taxes amounting to P2.6 million.

According to Governor Tamayo, many more students in the province could have been educated for free if people, especially large companies, paid the correct taxes.

"The tax is distributed as follows: 25% goes to the barangay, 35% to the province, and 40% to the municipality, making a total of 100%. This is the distribution of the real property tax, and this is where we get the Special Educational Fund. That is the reason why we were able to provide free education from elementary to high school in the province and even in college because of the real property taxes," the governor said.

In a press conference, Governor Tamayo urged the public, particularly business proprietors, to fulfill their tax obligations punctually, thereby ensuring the continued and orderly advancement of South Cotabato's economy.

Governor Tamayo also announced that he would ban Sumifru from the province for not paying taxes for several years. He has also encouraged Local Government Units (LGUs) to deny the company a business permit.

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