South Cotabato emerges as Most Competitive Province in Region 12, ranks 13th nationwide for 2023

South Cotabato is still the most competitive province in SOCCSKSARGEN region and placed 13th in the Philippines' list of the most competitive provinces for the year 2023. 

This impressive achievement, reported by the National Competitiveness Council (NCC), signifies the province's dedication to fostering progress, innovation, and development. This also highlights its outstanding advancements in numerous aspects of competitiveness, including economic dynamism, government efficiency, infrastructure development, resiliency, and innovation.

Economic Dynamism: The province's economy has witnessed steady growth, driven by a thriving agricultural sector, which continues to be a vital contributor to South Cotabato's economic vitality. Business-friendly policies have attracted investments, spurring job creation and economic expansion.

Government Efficiency: South Cotabato has earned accolades for its transparent and efficient governance. The local government's commitment to delivering essential public services and implementing responsive policies has resulted in an improved business environment and enhanced investor confidence.

Infrastructure Development: The province has consistently invested in infrastructure projects, enhancing connectivity within its borders and beyond. Road networks, bridges, and other critical infrastructure have significantly improved transportation and accessibility.

Resiliency: South Cotabato's resiliency efforts, particularly in disaster risk reduction and management, have been recognized. Proactive disaster preparedness initiatives and swift responses to calamities have bolstered the province's ability to recover and rebuild.

Human Capital Development: Investments in education, healthcare, and workforce development have played a pivotal role in South Cotabato's competitiveness. Quality education and accessible healthcare services have improved the overall well-being of its residents.

Governor Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. expressed his pride in South Cotabato's achievement, stating, "This recognition underscores our commitment to transforming South Cotabato into a province where people can live prosperous and fulfilling lives. We will persistently work to sustain and further enhance our competitiveness."

The NCC's annual ranking is based on comprehensive data analysis and assessment of various indicators. South Cotabato's 13th place ranking nationally solidifies the province's dedication to progress and development while striving to enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

With South Cotabato's ongoing pursuit of advancement, it is poised to remain a beacon of growth and competitiveness within the SOCCSKSARGEN region and across the Philippines.

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