Gov Tamayo to Sumifru: 'Just pay your taxes'

In a meeting with representatives from Sumifru Philippines Corporation, South Cotabato Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr. firmly stated, "Just pay your taxes." This straightforward remark comes after Sumifru failed to fulfill its commitment to settle a tax amounting P2.8 million before the October 18, 2023 deadline, as agreed upon by both parties.

Governor Tamayo, who previously labeled Sumifru as "not only stubborn but also deceitful," emphasized that the company needs to promptly settle its tax obligations to avoid further complications. The governor revealed that the unpaid tax has now reached almost P300 million.

Representatives of Sumifru, accompanied by their lawyer, sought another chance to address their shortcomings in a meeting with Governor Tamayo on November 9 at the Governor's Office in City of Koronadal. However, the governor maintained a firm stance, expressing that the provincial government has already provided ample leeway for the company to fulfill its obligations. He reiterated that the resolution is simple: "Just pay your taxes."

Highlighting the potential impact of timely tax payment, Governor Tamayo underscored that if Sumifru had paid the correct taxes on time, thousands of college students in the province could have been provided free education or scholarships.

Governor Tamayo is determined to take decisive action, considering declaring Sumifru persona non-grata or banning the company from the province. He also urged the mayors of Tboli, Lake Sebu, and Tupi not to grant a business permit to Sumifru next year if the company fails to settle its tax dues.

The governor's resolute message echoes his commitment to ensuring that individuals, businesses, and companies pay their right taxes, emphasizing that those who neglect this responsibility are unwelcome in South Cotabato.

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