LTO Region 12 Director strongly denies allegations, challenges accusers to present evidence

Melharrieh "King" Tomawis, the Regional Director of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Region 12, vehemently denied the allegations thrown against him. In a radio interview Friday, January 5, 2023, Tomawis categorically stated that all accusations of corruption within their office were baseless and pure fabrications.

"The allegations thrown at us have no truth, they are all lies, and this is just a form of character assassination," asserted RD Tomawis.

According to him, he expected such events as, since assuming the role of the new regional director, he made significant reforms within LTO 12. This reshuffling upset certain individuals who were accustomed to engaging in activities not in line with the law, leading them to harbor resentment and propagate falsehoods.

"Because there are people within our ranks who were affected by re-shuffling, movements, and have been harboring ill feelings since then, they threatened to tarnish our name and reputation," revealed the official. "There even came a point when they issued death threats, but I am not swayed or scared by these threats because I know I have the Lord on my side, and I am just doing my job, doing what is right."

Tomawis emphasized that these accusations and smear campaigns would not hinder his mission but instead serve as a significant challenge to provide even better public service.

He insisted that he is only doing his job right and adhering to his sworn duties as the regional director of LTO 12.

In connection to this, he challenges those accusing him to come forward and, if they have evidence, file a case against him to determine who is telling the truth and who is spreading lies.

"They should present proof because it's challenging when it's all just hearsay, as it affects the public. Those we've affected inside, who used to engage in unlawful activities, are now angry and spreading lies. They have no proof, so I challenge them. If you have proof, reveal it so the public can see and put an end to this issue," Tomawis challenged.

Currently, he mentioned that they are conducting a thorough investigation against those making false accusations against him.

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