Dapla Tampakan 2024: A Feast of Tradition and Unity in Tampakan

On Friday, June 21, the mineral-rich town of Tampakan successfully hosted Dapla Tampakan 2024, celebrating the town’s 55th founding anniversary and the 21st Lumalay Festival. The event featured the simultaneous grilling of over 1,000 Dapla-style chickens, shared generously with residents and visitors.

“Dapla” is a popular Ilonggo cooking method that involves splitting a whole chicken (or pig, goat, or cow) in half and roasting it spread-eagled between steel or bamboo poles, or on a grill. The term means to lie face down with arms and legs extended.

The event saw participation from 25 contingents, including the municipality’s farmers’ associations, chicken producers, and civic organizations.

Tampakan Mayor Leonard “Junjun” T. Escobillo spearheaded the event, which highlighted the town’s burgeoning poultry industry. Tampakan is regarded as one of the largest poultry producers in South Cotabato province.

“For a long time, we have looked for something that represents Tampakan. With this event, people will associate chicken dapla with Tampakan,” said Mayor Escobillo.

In the Best Tasting Chicken Dapla competition, I Love Tampakan Lambayong Twin Hills United Farmers emerged victorious from the 25 contingents.

The event showcased the unity and culinary expertise of Tampakan’s residents, reflecting the town's rich cultural heritage and agricultural prowess. Mayor Escobillo expressed pride in the community's efforts and looks forward to making Dapla Tampakan an annual tradition that will continue to bring recognition and prosperity to the town.

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