PFP President Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. urges continued efforts amid COMELEC hearing

Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) President and South Cotabato Governor Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. addressed party members and officers following the COMELEC En Banc hearing on the PFP case, held Tuesday at the COMELEC Office in Intramuros, Manila.

Governor Tamayo emphasized that the hearing was a standard procedure and assured members that there was no cause for concern. He encouraged everyone to persist in their efforts, particularly in community organizing and the ongoing expansion of the party.

"The case hearing held was a normal process," Governor Tamayo stated. "While we wait for the result, I encourage all PFP members and officers to continue with their assigned tasks, including community organizing. As executive officers of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas, we will continue to fulfill our mandate, especially the massive expansion of the party."

Governor Tamayo expressed his gratitude to the PFP members and officers from various regions who gathered to show their support for his leadership. 

He reassured everyone, saying, "Tuloy-tuloy lang tayo. Walang dapat ikabahala, patuloy lang tayo sa organizing, at sa massive expansion na ginagawa natin sa Partido Federal ng Pilipinas."

The PFP, under Governor Tamayo's leadership, remains steadfast in its commitment to growth and community engagement. Despite the ongoing case, the party's efforts to expand and organize at the grassroots level will persist unabated, reflecting their dedication to their political mission and the Filipino people.

Governor Tamayo's call to action highlights the resilience and determination of the PFP as they navigate the challenges ahead, ensuring that their vision for the country's progress and development continues to advance.

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