Surallah Gears Up for 61st Founding Anniversary and 5th Surbetube – Ilognayan Festival

The town of Surallah is all set to celebrate its 61st Founding Anniversary and the 5th Surbetube – Ilognayan Festival with a week of vibrant activities showcasing the unique culture and talents of the community. Scheduled from June 18 to 24, 2024, this year’s festivities promise to be more exciting and enjoyable for residents and visitors alike.

One of the new attractions this year is the kayak invitational competition, which will take place on the Allah River at the NIA Dam in Barangay Colongulo. Alongside this event, the festival’s highlight will be the raft competition, expected to draw significant interest.

Another much-anticipated event is "Sabor," a culinary festival that will feature local delicacies unique to Surallah. This new program aims to highlight the town's rich culinary heritage and offer visitors a taste of its distinctive flavors.

This year, the municipality has allocated a total budget of P7.5 million to fund the festival's activities. Mayor Pedro Matinong Jr. assured that this year's celebration is more grand and enjoyable, promising a memorable experience for the people of Surallah and their guests.

With the theme "Embracing Diversity: Igniting Creativity and Shaping Communities," the 61st Founding Anniversary and 5th Surbetube – Ilognayan Festival will celebrate the town's rich cultural diversity and creative spirit, fostering a sense of community and pride among its residents.

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