Governor Tamayo advocates for sustainable livelihood programs to achieve true independence

South Cotabato Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr. has emphasized the importance of true independence during the Convocation Program at the Provincial Capitol on Monday June 10, noting that while the Philippines gained independence from foreign rule, the country still needs to achieve freedom from poverty.

"Although the Philippines is an independent country, there is still a need for freedom from poverty," Governor Tamayo stated.

In line with this vision, Governor Tamayo proposes that the Provincial Government gradually phase out the existing dole-out system and transition to a sustainable livelihood program. This initiative aims to encourage individuals to become more self-reliant and reduce dependency on government assistance.

"Our goal is to help people strive for a better life and not rely on government aid," Governor Tamayo explained. "By doing so, we can also boost the economy of South Cotabato."

Governor Tamayo further stressed that while many Filipinos still require assistance, it is crucial for individuals to also help themselves. This shift towards sustainable livelihoods is expected to empower residents and foster economic growth in the province.

The proposal aligns with the governor’s broader vision of fostering self-sufficiency and resilience among the people of South Cotabato, ensuring long-term development and prosperity.

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