Governor Tamayo pledges unwavering commitment to public safety, peace and order

In a powerful and resolute address delivered at the South Cotabato Gymnasium and Cultural Center, Governor Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. affirmed his unwavering commitment to maintaining the province's safety and security. During his State of the Province Address (SOPA), Governor Tamayo delivered a strong message that resonated throughout the venue:

“Hindi ko hahayaan na merong susubok sa magandang public safety at peace and order na meron tayo. Hindi ako papayag na tatakutin ang ating lalawigan. Hindi ko isasakripisyo ang kung ano ang meron tayo dito sa South Cotabato."

Governor Tamayo's emphatic declaration underscored his belief that the unity among the people of South Cotabato is the cornerstone of the peace that reigns in the province. He highlighted that the current development and progress enjoyed by South Cotabato are direct results of the province's stable peace and order situation.

"The development and progress we are enjoying today is because of our good peace and order and public safety," Governor Tamayo stated. He urged all South Cotabate├▒os to continue working together to sustain the province's growth and advancement.

The governor's address emphasized the importance of collective effort in maintaining peace, which he views as essential for ongoing progress. His call to action aims to inspire the community to remain united and vigilant, ensuring that South Cotabato remains a safe and thriving province.

Governor Tamayo's speech has been widely lauded, with many praising his strong leadership and dedication to public safety. His commitment to protecting the province and its people stands as a testament to his vision of a secure and prosperous South Cotabato.

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